VendorVault-“A Wealth of Vendor Specific Financial & Strategic Data”

Evaluating software companies goes beyond just ensuring vendors are financially viable. You need data that is pertinent to both the evaluation and negotiation. VendorVault™ is an online directory containing up-to-date financial and strategic data on the top 54 public software companies. Leverage these financial and strategic indicators to better understand the mindset of specific vendors and their willingness to negotiate. Access this information in a continually updated online directory without having to research Form-10ks, conference call transcripts and other large financial reports. The VendorVault™ Worksheet outlines the financial and strategic items covered for each vendor. Gain access to a number of data points, including the vendor’s:


  • average sale and what they consider a “strategic” deal
  • revenue mix breaking down licenses, support and services
  • performance and market share relative to their top competitors

  • Annual Subscription (unlimited users) $995
  • Additional Vendors (unlimited users) $495
  • Specific Vertical Vendors TBD
The subscription allows an unlimited number of users to access vendor specific content on the Mitigo Partners website. VendorVault™ is updated quarterly for most of the top 54 software vendors.